Alumni Spotlight: Kara Claypool, CMA

27 10 2010

For University of Calgary alumni Kara Claypool, CMA, going to work is never a chore. 

“I love what I do,” says Claypool, executive vice-president at Jugo Juice.  “The reason, I believe, is that I strive every day to make a difference.” 

And Claypool certainly does make a difference.  Being responsible for the performance of all the Jugo Juice corporate office departments, she defines and recommends objectives for each department that align together to achieve the overall brand strategy and long-term vision for Jugo Juice.    

Claypool credits much of her career success to the skills she acquired through obtaining her CMA designation.  

“One of the CMA core competencies I most utilize is the skill of forward thinking; the ability to anticipate the implications and consequences of situations and take appropriate action to prepare for possible contingencies,” says Claypool.  “I spend a lot of time coaching to enhance this skill within our organization as it is so critical to notice trends in the industry or marketplace and develop plans to prepare for opportunities or problems.” 

Claypool decided to pursue the CMA designation after encouragement from the CFO at Big Rock Brewery, where she began her professional career.  

“It was his opinion that the designation offered the greatest breadth of knowledge and opportunity to affect strategy, which he knew from working with me was a huge desire for me,” says Claypool.

 Claypool’s interest in strategy is evident in her career path, which began when she started work at Big Rock the day after completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the U of C.  

“Big Rock was a small, local company with great potential and I participated in and experienced a tremendously successful growth phase, and learned valuable lessons along the way,” says Claypool.

 It was after 10 years at Big Rock that Claypool looked for another opportunity to contribute to a small, entrepreneurial company that had potential but needed strategic and financial expertise to assist in strategy for long-term growth.   

Her search ended at Jugo Juice. 

“It’s never a dull world when you are in a small company, ripe for growth and can influence the decisions that will shape its future and path,” says Claypool. 

With her enthusiasm, passion and comprehensive skill set, Claypool is sure to continue to enjoy enormous success and growth in her career. 

“Thinking and managing strategically was a learning curve for me,” says Claypool, adding that she plans to continue to strengthen her skills.  “I still have a lot to learn!”


Employer Spotlight – CMA

25 10 2010

A Certified Management Accounting (CMA) designation offers you unlimited opportunity in your career; CMAs work in virtually every industry and in many countries around the world. You may find a CMA developing a strategic plan for an emerging solar energy firm in Argentina, managing the operations of a privately-funded wildlife sanctuary in Ghana or contributing to product R & D for a snowboard manufacturer in Switzerland. 

CMAs can work in any company or industry because of the highly sought and flexible skill-set they are equipped with. They are strategic financial management professionals who have the knowledge necessary to provide leadership, innovation and an integrating perspective to organizational decision-making in the global marketplace.

Begin your path to becoming a CMA now. CMA Alberta recognizes several University of Calgary courses as prerequisites to our programs. In addition, the Haskayne School of Business offers a CMA Canada Accredited Program, which can allow graduates to bypass the CMA Entrance Exam and enter directly into a CMA Alberta professional program. Our accreditation process is rigorous, but richly rewarding. It leads to one of the most respected and highly sought designations in business: the CMA.

To learn more about how a CMA designation can propel your career, and how to start on your path to a designation, attend a CMA Alberta information session or one of the following events: 

The CMA Alberta Advantage Dinner
An exquisite evening reserved exclusively for post-secondary students interested in a career in strategy, management and accounting. The four-course meal will allow students to network with practicing CMAs and learn more about the benefits of becoming a CMA. The event will take place in Calgary on November 9, with cocktails beginning at 6 p.m. and dinner being served at 7 p.m. 

Corporate Career Connections                            
CMA Corporate Career Connections is an exclusive mini career fair designed to bring job seekers and business students together with CMAs and HR professionals for an evening of networking and opportunity. It will take place on February 10 from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the Telus Convention Centre. Register today to attend this free event! 

For a list of the several upcoming information sessions or to RSVP to an event, visit

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